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Photo credit Kate Wilson

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Julia Floberg is a cellist, poet, and singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. She started playing music when she was five, and went on to receive formal classical training on the cello. In her early 20s, an unstoppable desire to create drove her towards songwriting and poetry. Now she mostly sings about heartbreak and sorrow, but there are many happy chapters along the way. Julia writes many of her songs on the guitar and mandolin, but she arranges them for cello and voice. Julia Floberg is the founder and manager of Delphia Cello Quartet, the cellist for Mestifonía, and a member of a folk trio called Lady Spruce.

Debut Album Release

Julia’s debut album, “Aporia,” was released on January 28, 2018. “Aporia” is a solo concept album that interweaves cello, spoken word and vocal harmonies into an aural landscape filled with longing, turmoil, and existential questioning. Each track on the album is preceded by a poem, and through the poetry and the lyrics, the music takes the listener from emotional despondency to hopeful resolution.

For the CD Release of “Aporia,” four dancers choreographed the entire album into a dance-theater piece. The music, composed and arranged by Julia Floberg, was performed by the Delphia Cello Quartet in an improvised pit in front of the stage.

Radio Interview with Phil Nusbaum of KBEM-FM


January 28, 2018 • Icehouse MPLS
5:30p Doors/6:00p Music
$8 advance/$10 doors

Dancers: Lizzette Chapa, Julia Gay, Juliette Myers, Peace Madimutsa
Delphia Cello Quartet: Rachelle LaNae, Amanda Burgdorf, Katherine Canon


Krista Vilinskis · (612) 375-1113

Julia Floberg · (612) 205-3076