Julia Floberg Cellist + Songwriter


Julia Floberg is a cellist and singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. When Julia was five years old, she went up to her mother and asked to play an instrument. Her four older siblings all played instruments, and she was starting to feel left out. A few weeks later, her mother brought home a cello. She has been playing the instrument ever since.

Julia received formal classical training on the cello on the East Coast and at various summer festivals around the U.S.A. She seriously considered pursuing a classical career in music, but she derailed off that track when she discovered songwriting in her early 20s. The allure of the words, the power of the voice, and the simplicity of the structure captured her attention. She started writing and then found she couldn’t stop.

Though Julia writes many of her songs on the mandolin and guitar, she arranges her songs for cello and voice. She has found that these two instruments are the only ones that can speak straight from the soul. Her first album, “Aporia,” is a solo project that interweaves the voice, the cello, and spoken word into several interwoven narratives, capturing a landscape filled with sorrow, longing, and existential questioning.

Beyond playing her own music, Julia Floberg also plays with the Delphia Cello Quartet, Mestifonía, and a folk trio called Lady Spruce. Julia frequently performs with Twin Cities singer-songwriters, including Mary Bue and Carlisle Evans Peck. On occasion, Julia gets in touch with her classical roots by subbing with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra.